Amerikan ihmemaa

”We drove out to a small strip mall off Shady Oak Road and the Crosstown Highway. ’OK, look at this,’ Ken said as we turned in to the entrance. This ’something’ was hard to miss. On both sides of the entrance were Caribou Coffee shops, the Minnesota version of Starbucks.

How could one small strip mall need two Caribou Coffees?

We went into the one to the right of the entrance. I ordered my skim latte and asked the barista: ’Explain something to me. You’re Caribou Coffee and there’s another one right over there. I can see it from here. Why are there two Caribou Coffees here less than a hundred yards apart?’ Well, she explained, it was very simple. ’There were long lines here every morning, so we needed another one.

I see,’ I said to myself. Because people had to wait in line a little longer at rush hour in the morning, the Caribou Coffee folks couldn’t just add another coffee machine and a couple more baristas. They had to build a whole carbon copy coffee shop on the other side of the mall entrance.”



– Thomas L. Friedman: Hot, Flat, & Crowded (Penguin Books 2009)

Friedman kertoo esimerkin elävästä elämästä siitä, kuinka amerikkalainen talousajattelu saattaa joskus olla hiukan omituista, ylireagoivaa.



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